Monday, June 27, 2011

Travel and Hemophilia

So, November 4th my sister is getting married in Las Vegas! Zane and I are planning to make the trip down for the wedding and we are really looking forward to it. The only problem for me is I feel like Hemophilia and Travel are just two things that don't go together. There is some debate however as to whether or not I am just letting my Hemophilia "control" me and letting it ruin my travelling ambitions or if i am just being responsible. I have heard great stories about Hemophiliacs trekking across the globe and I have also heard many horror stories of Hemophiliacs who ended up in life threatening situations because they were away from home and without proper treatment. For my trip in November I plan on having a letter from my doctor explaining my situation, I will be phoning the hospital in Las Vegas a head of time and telling them about myself. I will also be bringing my factor first card with me, my medic alert bracelet and I will be getting travellers insurance. I must admit I am nervous about it since it is my first time leaving the country but I think it will be a lot of fun. I am so excited to watch my sister get married and I am very glad I will get to be there! Hemophilia or no Hemophilia. 

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  1. You should be just fine in Vegas. Do as you said (call hospitals in advance or have your Hemophilis Treatment Center do it for you. Make sure travel insurance will cover factor, or that your Canadian insurance will cover emergencies abroad.
    I travel for a living. I have Factor 9 deficiency.