Monday, May 28, 2012

And the band played on

So, I am currently watching a movie called And The Band Played On. It is a movie about the AIDS epidemic. I hate watching or reading things about this time in history nothing hurts me and disturbs me more. I subject myself to this because I feel it is important for me to learn about this time in history. I feel that everyone needs to be aware of what some people had to Go through to ensure we have a safe blood supply system. The movie has a famous line, "how many dead Hemophiliacs do yiu want," this refers to the fact that when it was first discovered that the AIDS virus was be transmitted through the blood supply people fought the idea of pulling the contaminated blood because of the cost. Greed, Ego and Ignorance lead to the spread of AIDS as far as I can tell. How something like that can happen is beyond me but I think it's important that we remember those who suffered and remember that we need to Keep blood system safe for everyone not just Hemophiliacs but anyone who may require a blood transfusion. The key to this is to never let money come before health.