Friday, April 1, 2016

April Fools Day!

So, I haven't blogged in a while but you haven't missed much. I had an ankle bleed two weeks ago but now I have almost completely recovered.
My ankle bleed was very nostalgic for me. When I was kid it felt like I was always having ankle bleeds. I can remember sleeping over at my aunts house and I would be in so much pain. She would heat up towels for me and put them on my ankle to try and relieve the pain.
Sometimes I would ask my sister to sit on my ankles and I found that relieved the pain a bit. An ankle bleed to me feels like pressure building and building. It is so painful and hard to walk on or move.
Now that its over Ive been walking at the dog park to get back on track and strengthen my muscles.
The other development is my mom is going for a hip replacement. I worry about her so much being so far away. I wish I could hop on a plane every time she needed me but the reality is a trip to Newfoundland would just exhaust me and then momma and I would both be in the hospital.
On another note Zane is very very sick with the flu so I am playing nurse. He is always so great to me when I am sick so I am trying to be a good nurse.
I am praying April is a happy and healthy month for me and all of my family!