Monday, June 21, 2010

Family Emergency

So, on Thursday my step father had a massive heart attack.
My mother phoned me to give me the bad news while I was on my way to work. I felt like the wind was knocked out of me. I flew down on the first flight and got to Stephenville early Saturday morning.
He was flown air ambulance to St. John's and my mother and I have been by his side ever since.
I have to say though in all honesty I would much rather be sick then have anyone I love in the hospital, believe it or not it much less stressful being the sick one.
I got my wish though because on Monday night I ended up in the emergency room myself with a small hip bleed.
I was give four units of fresh frozen plasma and now I feel back to normal. Well as normal as you can feel living in the hospital.
Right now mom and I are waiting to get the test results back. I never realized what stress I put my family under before until now. I think next time I have to go to the hospital I'm not gonna tell anyone until I'm all better!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


So, a good friend of mine recently came to stay with me for a few days.
She has a chronic illness like me and so when she said she was coming I thought of all the things I could do to help her.
I did as much research as I could on her condition and was prepared to give her my speech when she got here.
She was diagnosed when she was 16 and since I was diagnosed at 7 months old so I wanted to talk to her about how its important to accept your limitations rather than rebel against them.
I wanted to tell her to take lots of vitamins, get lots of sleep and eat properly.
But in the meantime, I think she was the one who had a lot to teach me.
She lives her life one day at a time and doesn't let anything stop her. She doesn't focus on her disease and lives like to t the fullest when she isn't sick.
Lately, I've noticed that I've been a bit extreme in that I don't do a lot, I never stay up late and I'm always worrying about travelling and working and never doing the things that I want to do!
I think its important to take care of yourself but in the end I little fun never killed anyone!