Sunday, July 29, 2018

Summer Skin

So, I've been a terrible blogger over the summer. But I had a recent hospital visit so I thought I would fill you in on that. I started having blood in my urine about a week ago. I went to my family doctor and he suspected a urinary tract infection so I started a course of antibiotics. A week later I was still peeing blood so my Hemophilia Clinic advised me to go to the emergency room to get some plasma. 
I left work, came home and got my hospital bag and headed to the foothills hospital. The emergency room is always intense. There was a lady next to me in agony, she eventually yelled out that she was in labour and someone finally whisked her away in a wheel chair. There was another guy sitting there just shaking. His friend that he had with him looked so scared. I just sat there eating my muffin cause I let myself eat carbs when Im in the hospital so I take advantage of that a bit.
I eventually got hooked up and then set home 12 hours later. By the 3rd unit my urine had cleared up and I have been feeling much better ever since.
I have a picture of my urine it is completely red it looks like wine. I was going to post it but Zane said I should stop showing people pictures of my urine.  
As far as bleeds go, that one was pretty uneventful so I feel lucky to have it over with.
In other exciting news Zane and I have booked a flight to Maui in October. The fun thing about having hemophilia is stressing about what will happen when you get a bleed in other places. I got in touch with the Hemophilia Clinic in Honolulu and they gave me some great advice. Zane and I are really looking forward to our trip. Now all I have to do is stress about losing weight and Im all set!
I hope you are all having a happy and healthy summer!!