Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My Bees Knees

So, last Tuesday Zane went in for surgery to repair his torn ACL. This whole process has been going on for 16 months now and Zane is still in pain and finding it hard to walk around.
We were very blessed to have his Dad come to help out for a week and everything went well in the surgery.
It's really hard seeing someone you love in so much pain. I also found it really stressful while he was in the surgery. My dad came to the hospital to wait with me which was really helpful. Now Zane's full time job is doing exercises on his knee and my new full time job besides my other full time job, is making sure Zane is happy and healthy and well fed.
People often say they would go in someones if they could and I think honestly I really would of went in Zane's place. Watching him get an IV and seeing him hooked up to oxygen was really hard. At the moment we are safe and healthy for the most part so that is really all anyone can ask for. Please keep Zane in your prayers and hopefully we'll be up and dancing around soon.