Sunday, January 29, 2012

In the New Year

So, as you know I've been having some problems with recurrent infections. I went back to my family doctor and went on another round of antibiotics. I must say I am feeling a lot better now I have to get an ultrasound tomorrow which is never fun but I guess it is better safe than sorry. Aside from a small bump in the road I have been trying to follow my new years resolution which is to do more stuff and to loose weight. So, with regard to doing more stuff I've been going out more and saying yes to more invitations than I normally do. With regard to weight loss I've taken a part time job at Curves and have been working out 4 times a week! Of course both of these resolutions will take time but so far I feel like I'm on the right track!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Might as well start things off with a bang

So, recently I was having back pain I thought it was from the gym but a visit to the Hemophilia Clinic revealed I have both a kidney infection and perhaps a knee bleed. I'm on antibiotics and received 4 units of Fresh Frozen Plasma. Blood work showed that all of my levels are good and I had an ultrasound showed everything is normal. I had an allergic reaction to the plasma and had to have benedryl which is never fun because the hives are so itchy and the benedryl really knocks me out. Anyways, the good part of the day was that my Dad came up to visit me. I was transferred over to the ward and Dad and looked at pictures on his laptop. Looking at the pictures made me feel like a person, like someone who travelled, who had good times and has people who love  them and reminded me that I have a wonderful full life and I am not just some diseased thing sitting in a bed with cords and drugs being pumped into me. 
While I was in the hospital I spent an hour with two other roomates one older man with cancer and another older lady also with cancer. 
It reminded me of the last time I was in the hospital in August, in the exact same room in the exact same bed unfortunately my roomate at that time has since passed away. She was a wonderful roomate, so warm and friendly.
It brings me back to my notion that I am very lucky to be here, we are all very lucky to be alive and while I am here I want to do the best I can with the short time we have! I don't know what that is yet but I'm working on it! 

Monday, January 2, 2012

Inspired 2012

So, tomorrow it's back to work for me! I can't believe it really. Christmas vacation went so fast I wish it could just go on forever.
Anyways, with the new year I have been thinking about things I can do in my every day life to make myself happy. So far I am looking forward to my trip to Paris and my trip to Newfoundland. I am also looking forward to planning my wedding which is set for 2013.
A lot of times in our lives we do what we have to do, we work day in and day out at jobs we don't like and we just get through things one day at a time. I am proud to say that three people that I grew up with in my home town of Stephenville, Newfoundland took the time to figure out what they really want to do in their lives and have started a snowboarding company. Their passion for all things snowboarding really shows and if you are into snowboarding I strongly recommend that you check out their site

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

So, last night we rang in the new year with good food and good friends! Since it's the new year I thought it would be a good idea to take a moment and look back at the year we've had. First of all we celebrated New Years 2011 in Newfoundland which in my opinion you can't ask for any better than that! February was a bad month in that I ended up in the hospital for a few nights with a leg bleed, then in March Zane tore his calf muscle and was off work for three months. I started working full time in March so that was good Zane also became a Journeyman Electrician in 2011. In August I had a ruptured ovarian cyst and ended up in the hospital for a few days and in November I had one of the hardest things I ever had to deal with my in my life. I missed my darling sisters wedding because of my health. I was never so disappointed and hurt in all of my life. December was also a very hard month in that I had to work 12 days straight leading up to Christmas and I found it very stressful However, after work finished up for the year things got a lot better we have a beautiful Christmas with our families and rang in the new year in good health so although we have had lots of ups and downs I have hope that 2012 will be a great year. I'm looking forward to good health, to going to Paris in July and to going to Newfoundland for my wonderful friend Stephanie's wedding! I am also praying that all my friends and family have a healthy year!