Friday, October 3, 2014

My Angel Mom

So, my darling momma is up here for a visit. She normally comes up about once a year and I try to go home once a year. I am so happy to have her here. She is so pleasant and kind and sweet its a delight to spent each day with her. My mom and I have always been very close. When I was a baby I didn't like anyone else holding me, when I went to school I cried every day when my mom left the classroom and I didn't go to summer camp until I was 21 years old.
I do find it very hard living so far away from my mom but we talk every day on the phone and visit each other whenever we can.
My Momma is an interior decorated and ever since I was little I dreamed of having her one day decorate my house.
Now that shes up here my dream has come true!  Momma has been helping pick out colours and furniture and all that fun stuff.
Being around my makes me so happy and I have been trying to convince her to stay longer.
The only down fall of having her here is that both of our dogs like sleeping with her at night!