Monday, December 12, 2011

I love Paris in the Springtime!

So, I am very pleased to say that I am the recipient of the 2012 Karttik Shah Fellowship. Which means I get a paid trip to PARIS for the World Federation of Hemophilia World Congress in 2012, July 8-12. When I first got the news I was excited, then nervous, then scared and now I'm back to being excited again! As you know, I have never left Canada so the thought of travelling all the way to France is a bit scary so I spoke to my Hemophilia Clinic and asked them for advice. It turns out that both of my Hematologists will be there and they will be setting up a Hemophilia Treatment Centre on site. I am also going to the gym three times a week and I am trying to get in the best shape I can before I go to try to be as healthy as I can. I am so excited about travelling to Paris, I have been in French Immersion ever since I was 5 years old and I also took some French Courses in University so I am glad I will get a chance to put all those courses to good use. I really want to go to the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Louvre and he Eiffel Tower. I am also looking forward to meeting other Hemophiliacs and Volunteers from around the world. I know other people who have attended the world Congress in the past and they said it is a wonderful experience. I feel so blessed for this opportunity! For more information check out

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