Sunday, March 18, 2012

Better days ahead... I hope!

So, I spent all day Friday in the hospital getting a blood transfusion. I received 4 units of fresh frozen plasma for a severe kidney bleed. Half way through my transfusion I got really sick and broke out in hives so I was treated with benedryl. After 9 hours in the hospital I came home and noticed I had broken out in hives again so I took some more benedryl and spent the rest of the night in an out of sleep.
I am still taking antibiotics but I am still in a bit of pain in my lower back and I feel really tired.
Also, I am a little bit upset about St. Patrick's Day as Zane and I had planned to have our friends over for a little get together. There's nothing I can do about it of course but I am a bit disappointed.
I've noticed that I have been in the hospital every since month for a transfusion since November. I am really not 100% sure what i going on as I normally don't go in that often. I was hoping that by working part time and eating healthy and exercising I would start to feel better but alas that is not the case at all.
Part of me thinks it could be the winter. The winter months are always harder on me than any other time of year.
Whatever it is I hope it ends soon because its interferring with my work, my social life and my over all mental health and quality of life.

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