Wednesday, April 18, 2012


So, this morning I got the terrible news that my grandad father Radford passed away in his sleep At the age of 92. I had the good fortune in Life to grow up around both sets of grandparents and over the years they have become as close to me as parents. When you are a child your grandparents are old, they just always seemed old and you knew that about them right off the batt and that's how it was. I never imagined that they would someday grow even older and pass away. I know at 92 death is somewhat close but as a family member it's still hard to accept when you love someone they could grow to be 212 and you still would be sad to see them Go. Today is also World Hemiphilia Day. I didn't really feel Up to celebrating this year but I was thinking of all of my Hemophiliac friends today. I was also thinking about how Hemophilia affected my relationship with my Grandparents. You see my sister is 8 years older than me and she spent every weekend visiting my grandparents. When I was born I had A LOT of complications and I was in and out of the hospital all the time. My grandparents on my fathers side were nervous to have me over and weren't 100% sure how to care for me. I know they loved me a lot but they just didn't have enough Information so I misses out on sleepovers and getting to spend as much time with them as my sister did. Now that my grandfather has passed away Hemophilia is getting in the way again. The funeral is on Saturday and at the moment I am suffering from a kidney infection. Ive had blood work and an ultrasound and everything comes back Normal except this infection that I've had for more than two weeks now. I'm nervous to travel when I am Not feeling 100% but I also want to be with my family during this difficult time. Whichever way I look at it, it's difficult but I hate how Hemophilia is dictating my life. But this is not about me it's about my Grandad he was a wonderful man who made me laugh and he lived a long happy life and had lots of family and friends who Loved him!


  1. i recieved your link from a guy i met on facebook named Patrick Lynch, and i really do relate somewhat to what you said. Hemophilia is definitly controlling my life, im growing to accept it. but after spending the last chritmas' and two new years in hospital i had enough. never knew my grandparents. not a big family person. Im more of a black sheep really, the only hemophiliac too, spontaneous mutation. Doesnt help. talk soon, its nice to know someone is is feeling the same way.

  2. Hello! Thank you so much for reading! it's so nice to hear from you! I totally know how you feel! it can be really overwhelming. Nothing wrong with being a black sheep! xoxox