Thursday, May 16, 2013

Wedding woes

So, there are only 61 days left until the wedding! As if that isn't stressful enough I have been on my period since March 4th. I am starting to feel tired and dizzy when I stand up. I find it impossible to get out of bed in the morning and I haven't been able to go to the gym or go for a walk in a while now I just don't have the energy. My family doctor thinks this could be from stress and I have to say I agree with her. It wasn't my best idea to try and lose 50 pounds while starting a new job and planning a wedding for 200 people in a different province! But alas here we are. The wedding has taken on a life of its own and in the past 6 months three of our parents have been hospitalized, and two have had surgeries. Its been a stressful time to say the least and now I find myself not feeling great and just over all pretty exhausted. The trouble with just being a little bit sick is that you can't call in sick to work for being a little bit tired and you can quit your every day life because you are a little bit sick. There is always work to be done. Right now I am waiting for my blood work to come back. If my levels are low I suspect they will infuse me. If not, I suspect I will start a regimen of iron and possibly iron infusions. Of course I am just speculating. My levels could be just fine and I could simply be tired from writing out seating charts and making tiny homemade flowers out of paper. Either way I am counting down the days until I am dancing at my wedding hopefully happy and healthy with all of our friends and family around us. 

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