Tuesday, May 13, 2014


So, Currently the World Congress is taking place is Austrailia. A good friend of mine told me that she met a wonderful wonderful person who is working on a factor 5 product. This is very very big news because as I've mentioned before there have been NO advancements in factor 5 products since it was first discovered in 1943.
I'm not sure of all the details but I've decided to make a top ten list of things I will do if I have access to a recombinant concentrate.

1. Get my wisdom teeth removed- According to my dentist I have 5 impacted wisdom teeth. At the moment they are causing me so much pain, my face is swollen and I can't hear out of my left eat. So I would elect to get these removed just so I wouldn't have to worry about it causing pain again.

2. I would get my gallbladder removed- I was diagnosed with gallstones when I was 12 years old. So far I've been able to control it with diet but I have had a few very painful attacks. It is always in the back of my mind that I will have an attack. Especially when I am travelling.

3. I would have a baby. If I had a concentrate I would definitely try having a baby or two or three.

4. I would play sports. I always loved playing baseball when I was a kid and I think I would start playing in a rec league or something fun like that.

5. I would travel move. At the moment I hate traveling because its always such an ordeal, I have to contact the hospital and worry about if I will get a bleed and how good or bad the hospital will be. 

Some of the others things I might do would be maybe a small tattoo, another ear piercing. I can't think of a full ten but staying out of the hospital as much as possible would be nice!

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