Wednesday, September 17, 2014

University Talk

So, I spoke at the university of Calgary a few weeks ago. This is my forth year speaking and I must say every year the first year medical students manage to ask me new questions!
This year they asked how my husband copes with me having Hemophilia and how I told him. I explained to them that living in a small town Zane knew I had Hemophilia before he even met me. I also explained to them that Zane has been nothing but wonderful and kind and caring with regard to me and my Hemophilia. I also pointed Zane out since he took the morning off work just to hear be blab on about things he already knows about. As soon as they saw him they gave him a huge round of applause which I thought was so nice because he deserves so many things and a big round of applause every day. Overall I think the talk went really well and I was happy to be a part of it. 
On a side note, my arm has been bothering me since Friday. I began taking percocet for the pain and on Monday I went in for an ultrasound. The test came back clear so I can only assume its muscle pain. My only complaint is that I am still in pain and now I am recovering from the percocet. Narcotics are nasty things and even if you only take them for a few days they make you grumpy and hot and sweaty and just feeling pretty yucky overall. 
I guess I panicked when the pain started because I did have a chest bleed a few years back and it was just excruciating. 
Anyways, I will continue to rest and ice my arm and I am praying that it feels better by Sunday so I can return to work. 


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