Sunday, November 2, 2014

Winter Blues

So, Winter has begun here in Calgary. Heavy, sloppy, wet snow starting falling on Saturday and hasn't stopped until late Sunday afternoon. Winter is a difficult time for me. Every time I leave the house I feel like I am at risk of falling, which for me is a big deal. Last winter I fell down when I was in Newfoundland and I ended up with a very bad, very painful calf bleed. 
I try to be as careful as I can I wear heavy duty winter boots but sometimes it just isn't enough. Even just slipping can cause muscle pain for a long time for me. 
The winter can also be isolating and depressing. Its harder for everyone to get out and the nights are longer. 
Most Hemophiliacs that I know say their health is worse in the wintertime and I have to say my visits to the hospital go up quite a bit in the winter.
This year I am trying to be a bit more proactive I am starting a diet tomorrow and a workout routine that I hope will keep me healthier mentally and physically over the winter. 
If that doesn't work I guess I will just have to move to Hawaii! 

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