Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Time Bomb

So, lately I've been having a few aches and pains. It finally came to ahead Sunday night when I woke up at 3 in the morning in unbearable pain. A hot bath and a few percocets later Zane dragged me into the Clinic. An Ultrasound revealed I have an ovarian cyst. The problem with this is that it will either grow and rupture which means a few transfusions, a hospital stay and lots of pain, or, it could shrink and I'll never have to deal with it again.
The tricky part is I am suppose to be leaving for Newfoundland on October 1st. The action plan is I will getting an ultrasound on September 27th so by then if the cyst has grown I will be advised to cancel my trip and if it shrinks I will be on my marry way.
Either way it is very frustrating! I've been looking forward to this trip ever since I left Newfoundland back in July. I'm also upset because I feel like a ticking time bomb. When this cyst does rupture I know I am in for a lot of pain. The last time it happened it took 16 units of blood and lots of morphine before I felt better and I just don't feel like going through that again.
In the meantime I've been googling a few things I can do to get rid of cysts naturally. These things include, no caffeine, no sugar and no carbohydrates some of my favorite things.
At the end of the day Zane and I are happy and mostly healthy so that's blessing enough!

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  1. I hope the appointment to get it checked goes well for you! I've had friends that have been through similar experiences with cysts, hopefully you'll still be able to go on holiday as planned!