Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Treatment For All

So, I read a very sad story this morning on a friend of mines facebook page. A young man, suffering from Hemophilia passed away on September 20.
He died because he could not afford treatment for a bleed. He died because of money. The thought of this breaks my heart.
If it had been a freak accident or something it would still be very sad but the fact that it was over money is disturbing.
This young Hemophiliac was studying to be a doctor because he wanted to make life better for others.
I've had severe bleeds in my life and the pain was unbearable. The pain he must of went through leading up to his death must of been one hundred times worse than anything I've had to go through.
He must of suffered a long slow and agonizing death. Treatment for Hemophilia is very expensive. Factor concentrates are very affective but can cost up to 10,000 for a single bleed.
I know that we are working on Treatment for All but when you read stories like this, it's obviously not fast enough.

Please read the rest of this story at http://www.mid-day.com/news/2012/oct/231012-mumbai-HC-order-comes-a-month-late-for-student-with-haemophilia.htm


  1. I am writing a book and my female main character has hemophilia. I was hoping that we could email or something and I could get a proper, realistic description of what it is to be a young lady with such a rare illness. Maybe you could help make my character really show what it is to be a female hemophiliac. If we're lucky and it's good enough, perhaps it will be published and bring some exposure to the illness. Interested?

    1. yes very much so! e mail me at ryanneradford@gmail.com!