Sunday, November 3, 2013

Mother and Child Reunion

So, in about three weeks my Mom will be getting a hip replacement. Three years ago she broke her hip and it has been a huge source of pain for her ever since.  I wish I could be with her for longer but as of right now it looks like I will only be able to get away for about a week to 8 days or so. I am not use to my mom being sick and in the hospital. With her and I it is usually the other way around. I hate thinking of my momma having to face this by herself. She is blessed to have lots of family and friends around her but I know that when it comes to times like this you want the person you love by your side and for my mom that is Charlie. Charlie passed away three and a half years ago and I know that for me when I am sick I want Zane my my side.
It's so upsetting to see your parents sick. Thank god I haven't been in this position very often because it is absolutely heartbreaking. If I could take the sick time in moms place I certainly would. The other hard part about this whole situation is my own abilities. I have great coping skills I think when it comes to the emotional aspect of someone being sick but I am severely lacking in my physical abilities to help my mom. For example because of my Hemophilia I can't raelly be lifting her in an out of bed or helping her walk around. Its very fustrating to me because I would love to be the type of child that just comes in and helps their parents out when they need it but I just can't. I think it is espcially hard for me because my mom was my health care provider for so many years. For 22 years whenever I got sick mom had to drop everything she was doing and help me. No matter what was going on she was there from holding gauze in my mouth when I lost a tooth to putting hot towels on my legs when I would have an ankle bleed, she was there. I now feel like its my turn to help her out but instead all I have to offer is a few days visit and some well wishes. It seems like a hollow jesture for a mom I feel like deserves much much more.




  1. Without a doubt the most difficult time of my life was when I attempted to care for my parents in their final years. You describe the debt we owe our mothers so well. I also think you did a great job explaining the feeling of inadequacy in caring for our parents. For me it was a very emotional time. Take good care of yourself as you care for her.

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words! Her surgery is tomorrow am and I am just a wreck! I pray you are well!!

  3. Beautiful picture with your mother! You made a lovely bride. Hope the surgery ended with great results!