Thursday, October 24, 2013


So, my hip has been bothering me for the lat few days. I think its because I have been trying to exercise more and its probably just a bit of inflammation. Of course, with Hemophilia you always have to consider the worst case scenario so it could also be a hip bleed which I have had a few of in my lifetime and it is the worse joint to bleed into in my opinion. I will head out to the Hemophilia clinic tomorrow and get it chanced out but in the meantime I am a bit worried about it. I hate having to go into the hospital and it seems like the longer I have been away the harded it is to go in and admit defeat. Its funny how a slight bit of pain can make you realize whats really important for example as soon as I started to feel pain all the other things in my life started to become less important like looking for a Halloween costume and the fact that I haven't gotten my wedding pictures back yet.
Maybe its just arthritis which is still a bit of a scary thought but a bit better than having a bleed. Either way I will spend the night watching tv and complaining to Zane. Hopefully things will look better in the AM.


  1. ryanne.
    you are an amazing woman one I am now proud to call family.. I love you so much. Zane is such a great man n i'm sure all the whining n complaining in the world would just make him love you more!!! hang there my tough cookie,, xoxo hopefully one day soon get to spend some time with u both.. love u both.. chin up brighter days ahead my girlie.. your strength is a reflection upon us all.... n we need you :)

  2. Thank you so much Lisa! you are too to sweet! how are you doing?/ Good I hope! thank you so much for reading and writing! we love you
    Ryanne xoxox