Friday, December 4, 2015

Nose bleeds are awesome

So, ever since I got back from Newfoundland my nose has been bleeding on and off. Nothing serious, just a little trickle here and there. However, last night I had a full on nose bleed it woke me up out of bed and I had tissues to my nose for about an hour. I haven't really had a bad nose bleed since I was about 10 years old. Ahh nothing like the taste of blood in the back of your throat to bring back childhood memories. Anyways, Transexamic Acid or Cyclokapron is a wonderful drug, you take three pills, three times daily and it helps to stop the bleeding. (it doesn't actually stop bleeding it helps to stabilize a clot once it is formed.)
This drug works great for me it sometimes gives me a stomach ache so I sometimes cut down the dose especially if the bleeding isn't heavy. 
It is a wonderful drug but very expensive almost 1.50 per pill and when you are taking 9 pills a day for one or two weeks it can be very pricey. I am very blessed and I have a health care plan so I don't have to pay anything but there are thousands of Hemophiliacs who can't afford this potentially life saving drug. That's why every Christmas I urge everyone to donate to SAVE ONE LIFE. This organization helps Hemophiliacs who can't afford factor or blood transfusions. Hemophiliacs who do not receive adequate treatment can have life long problems or even bleed to death so please consider sponsoring a child or donating at
On another note, if I have to be bleeding from somewhere I would definitely choose a nosebleed because you can easily see how much blood you are loosing and they aren't painful.
So I really can't complain. I'm gonna watch a Christmas movie and wash my Cyclokapron down with some cranberry cider!

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