Monday, December 14, 2015

The 12 blood days of Christmas

So, its been well over 12 days that Ive been having nose bleeds. They range from once to three times a day and from light bleeding to very heavy.
In an effort to stop the bleeding ive tried Cyclokapron, a humidifier and coconut oil in my nose but none of this has worked. 
I went to see my family doctor and she suggested cauterizing it but I'm really not convinced that taking a hot tool to my nose is gonna help.
I thinking the best bet will be four units of fresh frozen plasma.
I am going to my Hemophilia Clinic tomorrow for a check up so I will see what they have to say. 
I've included this awesome illustration by my daring friend, Silvana Moran to highlight how i'm feeling. 
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  1. When the heat cranks up in the colder months I often get nose bleeds too. Now I am on prophylactic does of RiaStat it is much better. However, it's still important for me to keep the nasal passages hydrated. I use a saline gel rather than a spray and it works well. No need to look like Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer!

  2. That's terrible Ry! I thought I got more nose bleeds than anyone I know but sounds like you have me beat! The forest fires are really bad for it. I thought coconut oil worked better than any vaseline or nasal lube I've tried. Sounds like u are doing all that you can! I hope you find something that works for you. Love you my darling girl! Miss you and sending lots of Christmas love your way. x0x0x0x0