Saturday, October 7, 2017

Friday Night

So, I got some blood work done on Friday because I haven't been feeling well. Turns out my Hemoglobin dropped from 150 to 100 and my iron is low. I called my clinic and they told me to go to the emergency room. Zane and I spent 12 hours in the emergency room. It was discouraging and exhausting.  I saw about 8 different doctors and residents. It took 10 hours to give me 4 units of Octaplasma. They said they would admit me then sent me home at 2 am. The whole thing was a torture test. I have to go back in tomorrow to get blood work and see if my levels have gone down and then the doctor will decide what to do from there. The amount of times I had to correct doctors and explain my disease was ridiculous. Today I am so angry and tired and sad. I am sad that this is our health care system. I am sad that not only am I sick but I have to fight and advocate every time I need treatment. I am sad that I have been sick for 8 weeks and I am still not feeling one bit better. 
I am on my way to bed and I am praying in the morning they will give me some plasma and iron and maybe even some red blood cells. 100 isn't dangerously low for Hemoglobin but it takes forever to get back up on my own. What we think happened is that I have a bowel bleed and I have been slowly bleeding for days and days. I am also sad that we had two thanksgiving dinners to go to this weekend with friends and family and instead I am on bed rest. This illness takes a toll on me and the people I love. 

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