Friday, April 30, 2010


I recently met a new friend. She's great. She has a 7 month old lab and she lives just next door so her and I have been taking our dogs for walks together.
It's nice to have a great so close and who also likes to walk!
Her and her significant other just installed a Hot Tub so this evening she invited us over to hang out in the hot tub!
This is where things get wierd for me. Her and I had just walked for two hours, so sometimes if you have a ache or pain the hot water sometimes causes your blood to rush to a particular area which can cause a bleed.
So I go over anyway and decide to just put my feet in! Of course they are also having beer and wine but I had to just suck it up and stick to juice.
Sometimes it's the little things like that, that make me feel the worst about my condition. When I was younger I would of just went for it simply because I didn't know any better.
Now I owe it to myself to take the best care I can of myself no matter what!

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