Saturday, April 17, 2010

World Hemophilia Day 2010

I feel like I have so much to write about today. First of all I knew all along that I had the best mother in the whole world but she really brought it to my attention again last night when we were talking about me growing up with Hemophilia.
The conversation started after we had both watched a great piece on global news calgary about a local little boy living with Hemophilia.
She said well you know Ryanne, I had fun growing up with you and your Hemophilia, I didn't know anything about it but we both learned as we went.
Now, I think that if someone can say that to you honestly after 27 years of transfusions and bleeds and crying and back and forth to all kinds of doctors and hospitals, not to mention all the regular child raising problems then that person is truly and angel.
Speaking of other angels in my life my friend Cheryl sat with me all day at the coffee shop for no other reason than to keep me company at My World Hemophilia Day booth!
My other friend Ange stopped in two and spent money on a Hemophilia ticket to a prize that i'm sure she doesn't even want!
I must say I was overwhelmed with support today! My father took us out for a delicious supper and my fiance Zane bought me a beautiful gift.
But thats not the point of this day. The point is to raise awareness to help those living with Bleeding Disorders and remember the people who have passed away because of the disease.
A lady that comes to mind is Sharon, she lost her two sons to Hemophilia while they were both only in their early twenties. I am sure she would love nothing more than to have them there with her today no matter how sick they were.
I would also like to mention Zane's uncle Anthony who died due to complications of Hemophilia.
It may seem like a wierd thing to celebrate , a bleeding disorder, something that has caused so many people so much pain but I think the fact that I have survived is reason enough!

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