Monday, April 12, 2010


I'm sure I've mentioned it before but I have have had more than 1,000 blood transfusions in my life.

The costs of the transfusions, scans, blood tests and over night stays have cost me a total of $0.

Not one single cent for me to get the treatment I need. If a Hemophiliac does not get treatment it can cause life long damage. For example, if its a small bleed best case scenario it will clot on its own but only after leaving a small blood clot in the joint or muscle causing unbelievable pain. A big bleed can continue to bleed and bleed creating a huge mass of blood in the body which can push on internal organs, cause muscle wasting and of course lots and lots of pain.

I've always had access to plasma. I've had to wait long hours in waiting rooms, and fight with doctors to give me a transfusion but I've never had to worry about how much a hospital trip would cost me or how I would access care.

I've recently learned of a sweet little baby boy in the Phillipines. Factor is hard to get your hands on over there and when his parents can get it, it is extremely expensive.

I spend a lot of time thinking about how hard it is for me to live with Hemophilia. I never stop and think about how hard it is for other people who aren't lucky enough to have in a country with free health care!


  1. I know the feeling. Going to a world congress event and seeing it first hand truly changes your life.

  2. I really hope i get to go next time! Paris would be beautiful!!

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  4. This is so true Ryanne. I am able to infuse my son at home twice a week and his medicine and all the supplies that come with it costs me nothing. I am so grateful for that.

  5. We are soo lucky aren't we!?? I am trying to find some organizations that might have a product share program the get some factor to those people!