Thursday, May 20, 2010


So, I went to work Monday with a little pain in my side. As the day went on it go worse and worse. I never had a pain like it before so its hard to describe but it hurt to move hurt to breathe in and I was really nauseated.
By the time Zane got home from work I had my mind made up to go to the emergency room.
Which should tell you how much pain I was in because I never go to the emergency unless I absolutely have to!
When i go to the emergency room I play the Hemophilia card. I call the switchboard and have them page the hemotologist on call. When I see the triage nurse I talk about how I could be bleeding internally and I always say I feel about 10 times worse than i actually do. If i don't do this I could be in the waiting room for 12 hours and I can't take that chance because it is quite possible I could be bleeding internally.
Anyways, after a few hours we see the doctor, they give me a steroid to relax my muscles, morphine and an anti nauseant. A few hours later I am released. They assume it's gallstones. I was diagnosed with gallstones with I was 12 years old because of a mineral build up from all the blood transfusions.
The next morning Zane and I go for my ultrasound, they find that my gallbladder is swollen and infected. Awesome.
The doctors decide to give me four units of fresh frozen plasma. Also they decide to give me all kinds of drugs.
Anyways this protocol continues Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, today and I have to fo back Friday and Saturday.
This is ridiculous right? I'm exhausted, nauseated, hungry and sick.
Today during my daily hospital visit, my nurse gave me the suggested diet for people with gallstones.
It's brutal! no coffee, no booze, no dairy the list of foods to aviod goes on and on!
It may not seem like a big deal, but I just feel like the more i go along with the disease the less and less I can do.
The nurse said today, yeah its all fun and games until you get get an attack.
And i'm thinking yea, because my life has really been fun and games up until this point!
Seriously, I just feel like what else is going to get taken away from me? But as I've learned me feeling sorry for myself doesn't get me anywhere either.
I'll just have to suck it up and eat my organic fruits and berries and shut up!


  1. THINKING OF YOU. Love you so very much. We must have a phone date my love.

  2. Yes for sure!!! I miss you!