Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

So, I love Halloween! Over the years I have spent every holiday in the hospital, my birthday, Christmas, New Years Eve, Saint Valentine's Day and Halloween! but never the less I love them! This year I dressed up as a cat! I am really not great at thinking of Halloween costumes so I think this has been about oh I dunno, the 7th time I dressed up as a Cat. Speaking of Halloween and scary things, I have been scared to take the latest medication I have been prescribed. A while ago I blogged about my ordeal with my gallbladder. Well the medication the specialist gave me is called Ursodiol. It's used to break up gallstones without surgery! I was so excited about it but since I've been reading the side effects I haven't have the courage to even take them. Some of the side effects include: nausea, head ache, dizziness, runny nose, sore throat, joint pain and hair loss. Believe it or not I wasn't too scared until I read HAIR LOSS. I know that makes me sound like the most vain person in the world but there are some side effects that really bother me. I am currently working with a natural medicine specialist and she says that she can get rid of my gallstones by taking natural supplements so at the moment i am thinking that is my best bet. On the other hand I do need to get rid of these gallstones as soon as possible. by having them I could have an attack at anytime and although it is very rare an attack can be fatal. Also by keeping them I am horrified at the thought of having to get them surgically removed. Either way, all of my options involve some risk but I guess that is just part of Hemophilia life!


  1. The hair loss may seem vain to some people, but my sister in law had a thick gorgeous head of hair and after she had her first baby, she developed alopecia tolatta. She lost all her hair EVERYWHERE...except her It took her 6 years to finally grow her hair back and now she's very careful to keep the stress level down. Hair is a big deal for women, you don't realize it until it's gone. I was told 5 1/2 years ago that my gall bladder had stones and sludge in it and needed to come out. When I was pregnant with my 13th in 2008, I had a small stone that "broke loose" and partially blocked the pancreatic duct. Every time I ate food I would get a fever of at least 103F. I went to the Dr and the surgeon. Nobody wanted to touch me because I was pregnant and not septic. I am terrified of another surgery,but our local hospital is prepared and now carries several different factor products. Please let me know what you end up doing, I'm quite apprehensive! HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Were you prescribed a high dose of Urso (short for Ursodial)? I've been on it off and on for about 6 years. When I'm on it's in HIGH doses. Only complication I've had is nausea and exhaustion, which is why I go off it (trying to raise two boys 7 and 4). I don't have hemophilia BTW, but am waiting on a liver transplant.

    I'd suggest giving it a try, especially if it's a moderate dose. You can always go off and yelled at by your doctor (like me!).

    Stay healthy!

  3. Thank you Erica! I will certainly keep you posted!! Edd I am perscribed high doses! If it doesn't work I guess I can always go off of it or if the side effects are really bad! Thank you both for your input!