Friday, October 8, 2010

Ups and Downs

So, I took a week off to rest up my knee and I am happy to report it is feeling 100% better.
Today ends a week of doctors appointments for me and I am happy that it is finally Friday.
Tuesday I met with my gallbladder doctor and he was amazed that my gallbladder is actually functioning at a normal level. Not just normal for someone with gallstones but normal normal! I was really glad to hear that. Also, he prescribed a drug to me that will hopefully break up the gallstones which means no surgery. I am praying this drug will work for me and I will be free from gallstones.
the next appointment was with my dentist. My wisdom teeth are still causing me problems but I am getting cleanings once every three months so hopefully that will keep them clean and they won't cause me any more pain. Also, I will avoid another surgery.
I am really finding it hard to find a balance lately. I feel like I am always at the doctors and I am not really doing anything to cause it. It's not like I am out water-skiing and playing rugby on the weekends. I guess I should know by now that the life of a Hemophiliac is full of ups and downs and I will just have to get use to it!

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