Monday, November 1, 2010

Style and Hemophilia

So, in my opinion it it's difficult to be stylish and a Hemophiliac. For example high heels. I love the way look and I love wearing them however, they aren't the best things to be wearing when you have a bleeding disorder. I didn't get my first pair of high heels until my first year of University. My second year, I got more courage and bought an even high pair of heels. However I attend Mount Saint Vincent University and to get to my dorm room I had to walk up a huge steep hill. Every weekend when we would get home from the bar we would begin the trek up the hill. After a night of dancing and standing in high heels I would resort to taking off my shoes and walking bare foot all the way. Now I am older and wiser so I only wear flat shoes. Another fashionable thing I always wanted to wear was earrings! When I was old enough to get my ears pierced I was told that it was a bad idea so I was stuck with magnetic, clip on and stick on earrings. They we never very fashionable, hard to find and really uncomfortable. However, today while shopping and the Chinook mall I discovered this clip on earrings that allow you to put any regular earring on! Very revolutionary for me!
I feel like I make a good compromise between what's best for me and what looks good.


  1. Girl, you you don't give yourself enough credit. Disorder or not, you always look fab! (Although I'm happy to hear about your find, you must be stoked!) ...oh the nights seeing you bare foot walking up the hill at the Mount does bring back memories!
    ~Natalie xo

  2. Style is also about how you talk,move and present yourself. I see style in your post.


  3. awww thank you all very much for your awesome comments!! Natalie i miss you!
    Dhawal thank you so much!

  4. Ryanne, you look real awesome in your photo! It looks like you have really beautiful stripes in your hair =)

    I run and I specialise in making women without piercings just as if not more stylish than their body modified sisters!

    I do a lot of celebrities and TV shows and to be fair it's a good idea not getting your ears pierced. I have a lot of clients who've suffered because of it. Keloid scars, allergies and maybe worse of all, torn lobes. Please don't take the risk with it; I see accidents far more often than I'd like and you're stunning as is.

    I've spent 10 years putting together what I hope is the most fashion orientated collection of non-pierced earrings anywhere. In fact that's all we sell! I'd recommend you check out our pierced look spring loaded hoops or our clubwear, fashion or designer collections if you want to see what I mean. You can be just as stylish as you want and there's no need for piercings at all.

    We're based in London, UK, and my co-founder is from Vancouver BC! We've a lot of customers in Canada and if we can ever help you or your readers, just let us know. If you use code PERKS4HEMOGIRLS at checkout you'll get free shipping. Use this link to see the site in loonies:

    I love the spirit of your writing. If only more women realised from your example that they don't have to suffer to look good! Welcome to the wonderful world of clip earrings!

  5. Wow! your website has some beautiful jewelry! once I get a pair I will definately blog about them! I will also spread the word around to the Hemophilia community! I'm actually off to a Hemophilia conference this weekend so it will work out perfectly! Thank you for reading and thank you for your comment!