Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fender bender

So I got in a small car accident last week. Ironically I was on my way to a doctors appointment at the hospital. I turned too sharply and scraped our passenger side door on a cement block wall thing. (Please feel free to laugh at my stupidity.) Anyways I suppose the main thing is that I am perfectly fine and that no one was hurt-not even the cement wall. I was very upset though because as I have come to learn anything to do with vehicle repair is very expensive.
The thing about car accidents is they are just that a complete accident and no amount of crying and eating chips can change that.
I am very happy to report that I am not hurt because as you can imagine a car accident for anyone with a bleeding disorder is bad news.
In case of emergency I always carry my factor first card in my wallet which contains information about my disease and contact information for my doctor. I also wear at all times my medic alert bracelet. I also have a contact in my phone called ICE which stands for in case of emergency it has all of my immediate family members phone numbers in case someone needs to get a hold of them. I really recommend everyone doing this but even more so for people with bleeding disorders. Oddly enough I was at another doctors appointment today and I had to return to the very same parking lot where I had my accident while I was walking to my car, I saw a lady back right into another car. The put her car in drive and took off. She didn't look for damage or anything. I guess the moral of the story is drive as safely as you can and put in as many safety precautions as possible!


  1. A good article, well written & such important information.ICE is very important .Thank you Ryanne,AND I am so happy that you ok, no side effects from the accident.

  2. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it! Yes thank god I am ok! Take care!! xooxoxo

  3. I have nothing to say with your preparedness, Ryanne. The ICE is very clever. I can see you're doing your best not to let your condition catch you off guard. You should really be extra careful. And I hope the people around would too!

  4. “ as safely as you can and put in as many safety precautions as possible!” - This is so true! If only every motorist would give enough care about their fellow drivers, the amount of car accident cases will drastically go down. Thank you for sharing your safety precautions with us! And please be extra careful from now on.
    Andrew @ Gendlin, Liverman & Rymer

  5. “…drive as safely as you can and put in as many safety precautions as possible!” – This is a great reminder. It’s always best to keep the necessary precautions in driving because accidents happen unexpectedly. There's even a saying that 'if you can’t avoid accidents, at least you can prepare for it.' Anyhow, it’s good to know that you’re injury-free, but unfortunately not your car. How is it by the way?