Thursday, February 26, 2015

Gallbladder problems

So, my gallbladder has been bothering me a lot lately. Not a full on Gallstone attack because those are brutal but Ive been uncomfortable and queasy. 
Today I threw up outside of the bank and at the grocery store so that was interesting but that's what happens when you have gallstones. Now as for how to solve this here are my options:

I can keep the damn thing and just live with the attacks. The problem with that is its safe to say the attacks will eventually get worse and more frequent and its possible that a stone could get lodged in one of the ducts and that could cause infection and all kinds of problems.

The other option is I can get the gallbladder removed. The problem with that is of course surgery for anyone is risky but especially for me, I am a bleeder and I have no concentrate factor. The other problem with that in my mind is that I've never had surgery before and I've always been told I can't have surgery. Never tell a child they can't do something because here's the thing, they will believe you! So many things I do or don't do in my life are based on things that people told me when I was a child that are really not even true but they are so ingrained in my mind. 

The other option is taking the medicine that will dissolve the stones. The problem with that is I'm not crazy about all of the side effects of the drug and once you stop taking the drug the stones will just come back. So at the moment I am not sure what to do. 

My plan of action is to consult with the surgeon in April, consult with my Hemophilia clinic in March and consult with the GI specialist in May. Normally I always side with whatever my Hemophilia clinic says I feel like they know me the best and have the most experience with my particular situation. Of course I'll be praying and consulting with the man upstairs too!

I'm curious has anyone in the bleeding disorder community had this problem?


  1. Hi Ryanne,

    My 15 year old Hemophilia C (Factor XI deficiency) daughter was just diagnosed with a low functioning gallbladder. How did you end up handling your gallbladder issue? Please contact me if you can. I'm going to bookmark your blog for my daughter. I think it will be a good reference for her...and for me.

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