Monday, March 2, 2015

Ups and Downs

So, Friday I spent the day in the hospital. I went in because I was having chest pain and my blood pressure was very high. 
After an EKG, Blood work and Chest X ray the doctors discovered that I simply have a really bad flu.
I am finding that having a chronic illness is honestly a full time job. This month alone I have 9 separate appointments at different offices, different times all across the city.
For example Thursday I am going in to get a 24 hour blood pressure monitor put on. My family doctor ordered this so that we can see whats going on with my blood pressure because in the last few days its been 150/80, 120/80, 160/92. Just all over the place. 
I am not surprised that I've been having a few medical troubles. This past year has been has been extremely difficult to say the least. We've had a family member diagnosed with terminal cancer and another family member diagnosed with a chronic illness.
I wouldn't wish this on anyone. Illness in any capacity is exhausting and heartbreaking.   
Since this all started last April Ive had, stress induced hives, bleeds and many days where I just want to hide under the covers. 
I think that's why its taken so long for me to blog. Its hard to write or think about anything but illness. 

Here is a picture of me in a beautiful blue gown in preparation for my chest x ray and EKG, the next picture is my IV which took three tries to get in, the next is my red hand from cutting up beets as they help settle the gallbladder and the last picture is some condensed beetroot juice that tastes absolutely disgusting. 

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