Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Drugs, Drugs, Drugs

So, as I have been writing about before, I spent the weekend in the hospital with a leg bleed. It's feeling a lot better now thank god and I am not taking any pain meds. However, before I went into the hospital I was in a lot of pain and when you are in pain you don't sleep and when you don't sleep you don't think logically and when thus I took way too much pain medication. When my Hemophilia nurse read my chart and found out what I had been taking she was very alarmed. She told me about a Hemophiliac who was having a bleed and happened to have some left over pain medication from a previous bleed so he decided to take some. When you take pain medication it can cause breathing problems so this Hemophiliac stop breathing and died. All because he took too much pain medication. I couldn't believe it when she told me. I thought you could only overdose from taking tons and tons of pills and illegal drugs and alcohol. I didn't think you could die from take one or two pain pills.
So from now on instead of taking pain medication I am going to wait until I am in a hospital under proper supervision!


  1. yeah.. it is a genuine risk. pain killers and other such medication take a lot of side-effects with them. You may not even need an overdose...

  2. Thanks for sharing! Be careful with the meds.

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