Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Blog Anniversary to me!!

So, one year ago this month I started my famous blog, Hemophilia is for Girls! I love having a blog, it is a lot of fun and therapeutic for me and hopefully it will continue to raise awareness about Women and Bleeding Disorders.
To date Hemophilia is for Girls has 71 Followers and 75 posts.
The top 5 countries that read Hemophilia is for Girls are Canada, USA, India, Ukraine and the United Kingdom.
Also, I have helped start Generation Clot
My blog is also on Twitter at Ryannesiobhain, you can find it on My Girls Blood and on the Canadian Hemophilia Website
My blog also won a contest through My Girls Blood for $50 and Google has sent me a coupon for $100 to use towards advertising for my blog!
All very exciting stuff for me considering I had no idea how to create a blog a year ago but Blogger has been very easy to use!
Thank you to everyone for reading! I really appreciate it! Here`s to another year of blogging!


  1. Thank you so much for reading and all of your encouragement!

  2. Your blog is awesome ... it feels like meeting you in person when i read your posts.... please keep writing .. and make us feel connected :)

  3. D you are too sweet! I am so happy you like me blog! I can't wait to post your writings!!