Monday, April 11, 2011

Carter's Quest For A Cure A Success!

So, this weekend was my Dad's 60th birthday celebrations. It was so nice to have my family around for the weekend. I wish they could be here all year round. I think my Dad had a really great birthday and I could tell my dad had a great time too.
This weekend was also, Mall at the Hall. We raised over 5,000$ for Hemophilia. It was amazing to see all the support and all the people that came out for this event. I spoke with Jenny, the organizer today and she said she is thinking of giving all the money to the Canadian Hemophilia Society's Million Dollar Club.
This club is all about raising money for research for Hemophilia. I think this is a great idea and I am so proud of Jenny but it wasn't still she said, "We will donate the money to the Million Dollar Club so they can find a cure," that I realized I have never had any hope that they would find a cure for Hemophilia in my lifetime.
I consider myself a positive upbeat person but I have never dreamed of a cure this whole time I have been hoping and praying for a recombinant factor 5.
I also realized that my reasoning for joining the Hemophilia society was to raise awareness more so than to raise money for a cure.
Either way, we are all in it to improve the lives of lives for Hemophiliacs one way or another.
Another thought that occurred to me this weekend was that it would be so nice to have a family member with Hemophilia.
Of course, I would never wish this disease on anyone but it would be great to have a someone in my family who knew what I was going through.

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