Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Just when you thought this test couldn't get any worse!

So, the only thing I hate more than getting a pap test is writing a blog post about it but I think it's important to talk about because Hemophiliacs need to take special precautions when it comes to this particular test. I have about a dozen of these tests in the past and have never had any problems until yesterday. I returned home from the doctor only to find the test caused me to have a lot of bleeding. Apparently this is not a regular occurrence and at the moment I am quite concerned. I am trying to get in to see my gynecologist and have contacted my hemophilia treatment center. I have spoke with other hemophiliacs and here is my best advice. Take cyclokapron (tranexamic acid) prior to the exam also, make sure you see a gynecologist who knows about your bleeding disorder and not a general practitioner. This is never a fun topic but ever since this happened to me I've been searching the Internet for answers and I can't find any so if you are a female Hemophiliac and you do not have a concentrate or recombinant factor then this post is for you! (That's like what 5 maybe 6 people in the world?)

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