Monday, May 30, 2011

Rendez Vous 2011 By Jenny Ruklic

So, I already talked about how I loved Rendez Vous 2011 but this blog is also about getting other peoples perspectives on things so the following post is by Jenny Ruklic my friend, Founder and President of Carter's Quest for a Cure, Hemophiliac Mom, Secretary for the Calgary Chapter of the Canadian Hemophilia Society, Parents Empowering Parents program facilitator and all around great person. If you would like to learn more about Jenny please visit
Well to say that Rendez Vous was amazing would not be giving it the justice that it deserves. The weekend weather may have been dismal but the events on the inside of the Delta Hotel Calgary were amazing and inspirational.

This was my first time attending the Medical Symposium and the Events of Rendez Vous and was just glad that I had a guided tour through the events with a pro like Susan Anderson. I arrived Friday morning ready to meet new people and learn all that was offered. The sponsors had a fantastic room set up with the usual swag and new ideas and products that they are bring to the market. It was a room filled with great energy and excitement for the day’s events.

The Medical Symposium was held in the banquet room where an estimated attendance of 300 people. The Morning agenda was insightful and educational dealing with the popular topic of aging. Or as Dr. Karen Fruetel had put it the Silver Tsunami. For the population of our Bleeding community it was a real eye opener to see all the different things to think about. The afternoon’s events were geared towards Rare Inherited bleeding disorders where our very own Ryanne Radford sat on the Panel and explained to the full room what it has been like to live her life as a Factor 5 Hemophiliac. The insight that they all shared was great and it was hard not to be emotional with the Mother of the 15 year old boy who has the rare disorder of Factor XIII. The end topic of the Symposium was dealing with Mild Hemophilia and the struggles that they are having. Mild is a term that should be changed, as it does not give these people the justice that they deserve. They tend to suffer in silence as they may or may not bleed the same as a Severe. The medical teams across Canada are striving to change this, as well as make sure that our women that are carriers are also acknowledged. The Panel was a group of amazing young men and a mother all with the same goal, dealing with life as a member in the community with a Bleeding disorder.

The next day there were many meetings and gatherings of all the different aspects of the CHS. The Board of Directors met and continued to make decisions that will affect all of our chapters in the next year. The final part of the day ended with an amazing banquet filled with great food, drink, dancing and friends. Many people were awarded recognition awards. There was time set aside to remember all of the inspirational people that were unable to attend the event including Ken Poyser. The NAR and the SAR’s Carter’s Quest for a Cure were able to make a very impressive Donation to the Million Dollar Club. To say the weekend was great would not give it justice.

Rendez Vous 2013 will be held in Winnipeg Manitoba and we hope that we will see many of you there.

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