Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

So, today is Mother's Day. I have mixed feelings today because well first of all I have the best mother in the world. I think there should be an extra special day for mother's of Hemophiliacs. It must of been so stressful for her to have sick child I can't even imagine. I have discovered that no matter how many cards and flowers and gifts I send her it will never be enough to thank her for all she has done for me over the years. As I child on special occasions I would always take something mom already owned and wrap it up for her she would always say how much she loved it and acted like it was the best gift she ever received.
Now I live in Calgary and I can't always get home to celebrate Mother's Day with my mom. I sent her a gift certificate and flowers but it wasn't the same. I really wish I could be closer to her but I know I can't live in Stephenville because of the medical system there. My health care is much better here in Calgary and the fact that I have to be so far away from my family makes me sometimes resent my Hemophilia.

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