Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Standards of Care

So, Monday I went into the Hemophilia Clinic limping and in lots of pain. The Ultrasound came back clear so they sent me home. By Tuesday morning I was in so much pain that my father had to call an ambulance. I called the Hemophilia Clinic and they told me they did not have time to see me and I should go to Emergency. I've contacted lots of other patients and they said that they have never heard of that in all of their lives. So its come to my attention that my clinic is not treating me appropriately. Honestly out of all the terrible things that have been happening in the past few months this has been the hardest to deal with. I love my clinic so much and over the past few years its been so comforting to know that I have these people in my lives. But over the past few months they have been sending me home when I am in pain and its been causing me so much agony and stress. Honestly it is so traumatizing to be in that much pain. It was so bad I tried tylenol, percocet, codeine and hydromorph. Nothing took away the pain enough so that I could sleep so I just sat and watched tv for hours and hours looking at the clock waiting for the clinic to open. When I called them and they said go to emergency I felt so hopeless, it took everything in me to just make it 8 am.

We spent 9 hours in the emergency room. I had moprhine, maxiran and benedryl and I only started to feel a bit of relief after about my second unit of plasma. 

Today I am still in pain. My leg is still a bit sore, I am tired from not sleeping and my stomach is sore from all of the drugs I feel bad for all the stress I caused my Dad and Zane and I am hurt that my clinic isn't helping me. 


  1. I'm glad you're coming around. Thoughts and prayers from me, Tim and Wrigley.

  2. Maybe it's the receptionist causing this problem??? You are doing the right thing by setting up a meeting.