Sunday, February 2, 2014

The joys of having a Hemophiliac friend

So, I've been meeting a lot of new friends lately and since I thought I would write a little bit about the fun things you can expect when you are friends with me

1. I may cancel plans we have at the last minute. I don't do it to be hateful I just get aches and pains and sometimes have to cancel out of no where. Sometimes I honestly have something wrong with me medically sometimes I just freak myself out and think I have something wrong so I cancel.

2. Don't loan me anything unless you don't care about it getting destroyed or never seeing it again.  That has nothing to do with my Hemophilia I am just terrible with borrowing things. 

3. You can't be afraid of blood. I talk about blood and organs and bleeds and all sorts of gross stuff all the time so if you have a weak stomach I may not be the friend for you. 

4. You will become my nurse/doctor. I often as my friends for medical advice even if they have no background in Hemophilia or any medical background whatsoever. I appreciate their advice and like getting different opinions on things.

5. I will message you late at night. Often when I am having a bleed or in pain I like to talk to my friends to get if off my chest. I don't expect a response its just nice sometimes to text to take my mind of the pain. 

6. I love birthdays. I will always do something for you on your birthday. Over the years Ive been known to make crazy cakes, throw surprise parties and completely take over all the birthday planning even if we've only been friends for a short time.

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