Monday, February 3, 2014

Worry wort

So, I don't know if other Hemophiliacs worry about these types of things but lately I've been starting to worry about the effects this wonderful disease has had on me over the years.
For example recently I've begun to wonder if I will have liver damage because of all the medication of taken over the years. In January alone I took more than 25 percocet pills. I don't take pain killers on a regular basis but over the course of 30 years I'm sure they all add up. I'm am starting to wonder if I would benefit from trying things like medical marijuana would help with pain management and not affect my liver. I know a lot of Hemophiliacs who use medical marijuana because over the years they have contracted Hepatitis C so they use it to avoid further liver damage.
Another thing I worry about is radiation. So far I have had many, CT scans and X rays to the point where if I ever do go into emergency the doctor always says I shouldn't get any more scans and looks at me like I am crazy. This is scary to me considering the doctor is only looking at my chart from the past 7 years.
Employment is something that is stressful also. To date, the longest job I've ever had was two years. I haven't had much success with creating a career for myself and I feel it is because of my Hemophilia. I have had employers hassle me about my illness to the point where I just quit myself. Its very frustrating I must say. I often feel stuck in a rut with not many options to get out.
And don't even get me started on how stressful it is on me to travel. I am just getting over my trip to Newfoundland that I took in November.
At least with all this worrying on my plate I will never be bored!


  1. Ryanne, thank you for this post. These are exactly some of the issues and topics that people think about but aren't often voiced! So Thank YOU! These are definitely some of the issues and concerns that we are hoping to touch on and detail in our documentary film we are making. We are trying to reach out to all women, especially those with a bleeding disorder to get their stories told and bring these issues to light. I encourage everyone to please check out our fundraising campaign for this very important documentary!!

    And again, thank you for your blog! It takes courage to talk about these things, but by doing so we can help so many women!

  2. Maia! thank you so much for your comment I really appreciate it! I look forward to seeing your documentary!