Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year 2016!

So, we had a wonderful New Years Eve. We had a beautiful four course meal at the top of the Calgary tower with some great friends. 
Of course every New Year I like to reflect on the past year and all I can think of is Thank God we survived it. 
In 2015 we bought a house, moved across the city, got a new doggie, I was hospitilzed several times and we lost one of the most important people in our lives. 
Not much you can say or do when your heart breaks like that. We think about her every day. Sometimes I still think, I have to talk to Della about this. 
There is a lot of pain that I hope we leave behind in 2015 but of course I know life will have new challenges for us, I just pray we are stronger and wiser when we face them.
For all of my Hemophilia friends I hope you have less bleeds in 2016 and a healthy and happy new year. 
My goal is to stay healthier than I was last year so ive joined the gym and started a healthy eating program.
Best of luck to everyone and their resolutions!

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