Monday, February 8, 2010

Day One

I am starting a blog to tell you about what it is like to live with Severe Factor 5 hemophilia.
Hemophilia is a bleeding disorder, factor 5 is the clotting factor I am missing and severe refers to the amount of factor 5 I have in my blood, less than 1% thus, it's considered severe.

There are 150 reported cases of Factor 5 in the world. It doesn't run in my family so the chances of me getting factor 5 is something like 1 in 44 million. Something like that.

Sometimes I wish I could of won the lottery instead, something rare like that, but here we are.

The goal of this blog, is to maybe help some other people who are out there living with Hemophilia or a chronic illness, but most of all it gives me something to do when i'm having a bleed!


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  2. I have severe hemophilia factor 8, and I am a girl as well. 1 out of about 30 (more or less) girls in the world with hemophilia, and I live life normally, sometimes getting bleeds in my target joint (left ankle). I think it's cool being rare!