Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

I love Saint Patrick's Day!
I loved it when I was a child because I loved making green cookies and pinching people who weren't wearing green.
As a student I loved going out and drinking green beer and celebrating with friends
Don't get me wrong, I still like celebrating but since I met my fiance Zane, Saint Patrick's Day reminds me of Zane's uncle Patty.
Patrick was born with severe Hemophilia. Ever since he was a baby he suffered many bleeds and eventually died at a young age from complications due to Hemophilia.
If you meet Hemophiliacs today, it's hard to imagine someone dying from the disease. They are vibrant, healthy young people that on the outside look perfectly normal.
That is only because of the hard work the Canadian Hemophilia Society has done to advocate for patient care, the research and new treatments in the medical world and all the hard working doctors and nurses who ensure patients get the treatment they need.
I am so happy to walk into a room full of hemophiliacs without seeing canes or walkers or anyone limping or in pain.
It's a wonderful thing that we can live the way we do.
However, I think it's so important that we remember the people who came before us, the people that bled until their knees swelled and just didn't have the level of care that we have now.
After all we owe a lot of what we have now to them.


  1. Well done Ryanne. I'm sorry Zane had to lose his Uncle. Thank God we are Canadian, living in these times.
    Just tonight I treated my son who got a bleeding nose after the boys were clowning around when they should have been sleeping. Tomorrow I go get Factor myself before I go to the Dentist to have two teeth pulled.

    "Happy St. Patrick's Day" ~ Shelley ☺

  2. Ryanne Happy St Patrick's Day. Love your blog. Please post all the time :)

    Love you xo

  3. Thank you so much for the encouragement ladies! i really appreciate it!