Monday, March 15, 2010

To a different drum

Over the weekend we had yet another successful Hemophilila event. We gathered at a local community hall to host a drumming session.
The drumming was fun and it was nice to get together with everyone.
During the session we all sat in a circle, there was about 20 of us so it was quite a large circle.
As I looked around I noticed that there were only two people in the room who actually had Hemophilia , myself and another lady.
There were eighteen other people that were there simply because they know someone with Hemophilia or care about the cause. Sure there were probably some people there for the free food or the free drumming session but mainly people were there to support us.
For a second it was really an amazing feeling to know that all these people were there for us.
I am lucky enough to have had that experience in my own life. Its never been just me alone in this fight. I've always had lots of friends and family to help me through.

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