Monday, August 30, 2010

Speech Speech!

So, I am looking forward to September for a few reasons. First of all it means the end of summer and in my mind hopefully the end of all the bad things that have been going on in my life lately.
September 1st, is also my best friends birthday. Being the best friend of a hemophiliac is not the same as being a best friend to a normal person. Over the years she has had to learn all the hemophilia lingo, bleeds, plasma, units, all of it! She's also had to spend more time then she would probably would have liked in the hospital.
And lately she has also added grief counsellor to her long list of skills.
Also, on September 1st I have been asked to speech at the University of Calgary to the first year medical students.
I am really looking forward to having the opportunity to speak to students who may be treating me in the future!
I have been asked to spend about 10 minutes talking about my condition and then the students will then be given the chance to ask me whatever they want.
If it was any other topic I might be a bit nervous about speaking in front of so many people but when it comes to Hemophilia I am an expert!
I've also dealt with lots and lots of medical students over the years as a lot of the hospitals I have been treated in are teaching hospitals.
In other news, I have been going to grief counselling and it has been really helping. Each day I've been feeling a bit better, but then at the end of the day and I don't cry I kind of feel guilty so I still have some issues to work out but its getting better!


  1. I couldn't ask for a better friend! Love you millions. You are going to give an amazing speech. Wish I was there to hear it. Good Luck!


  2. Stephanie you are too sweet!! I hope you have the best birthday ever!! Love you and miss you a lot!!