Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Still Sad

So, today I went for my annual check up at the Hemophilia Clinic I saw my hematologist, social worker, nurse and had 12 tubes of blood taken. This is normal for me not much to report about it really. What has been hard for me over the past few days is Charlie. I can't get over it yet. I still have days where I just cry and cry. Any love songs or love scenes in movies I just lose it. I think it makes me think of my mom and how she lost the love of her life. I also cry because I don't think that I will ever find anyone in this world that loved me as much as Charlie did. He was so proud of me and never judged me. I start grief counselling on Wednesday so I hope that will help! Some good news today is that my mom was released from the hospital so that's a big relief. This blog was originally started to discuss my Hemophilia but this death has just turned my life upside down, so much so that lately disease has been the last thing on my mind.


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