Thursday, January 9, 2014

Blood Brother

So, I am not sure if you have ever heard the expression but people in the Hemophilia community sometimes call each other Blood Brothers. I had the joy of growing up with two older sisters but I have never had a brother. I always thought people who had older brothers were lucky. They had someone to watch out for them, someone to screen their boyfriends and someone to scare away bully's. Anyways, once I became involved in the Hemophilia community I found myself surrounded with blood brothers because as you know, Hemophilia is rare in females. They often call me sister and I have to say I just love it. I recently had to let down one of my Blood Brothers and I feel terrible about it. He asked me to speak at a conference he is having next week in New York City but as you can tell from last blog post I'm not really fit for travelling. I think what my friend has taken on and organized is amazing and I wanted to support him so badly but my health got the better of me and I had to cancel. 
I will someday get to speak at a conference again and I will visit New York City of these days but first I must focus on getting better.
The good news is he has planned for some wonderful speakers and I will be a part of it through a short video I will record and he will the present to the group.
The sad part is I cancelled when I had my calf bleed because I thought it was best for my health I never imagined I would be in the hospital again so quickly. I guess it just validates my decision for me. 
If any of my blood brothers are reading this I love you!

I've attached a picture of me and one of my favourite blood brothers of all time. He passed away but I still think of him often and miss him. 

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