Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I'm too exhausted to come up with a title for this post

so, it turns out the cause of all my pain is an ovarian cyst. I've had lots of these in the past and they are always very painful. Anyways its not the end of the world but I have to say I am so sick of being sick. In my entire life this is the closest Ive ever had to separate medical problems. Normally its at least a month in between episodes but this time it was only three weeks to the day. I am starting to feel a bit better but its feeling very anti climatic. You fight through the pain and get better but to what end? Anything else in your life that you work at or spend a lot of time at there is a reward. When it comes to illness nobody wins. Its draining emotionally, financially and physically and when you are finally better all you have to show for it is a small pay cheque and a messy house. I guess I am just feeling so discouraged because I haven't had adequate time to recover and I won't this time either. 

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