Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Follow up!

So, I met with my Hematologist today and they have contacted the head of the blood bank. They are waiting for the to do an internal investigation as to what happened and then we will all sit down and discuss the outcome. As for now I will wait and see what comes of that and then go from there. As for my medical follow up I seem to be in less pain each day. I still have a fairly large hemorrhagic cyst on my ovary to it will either rupture and bleed or absorb and go away on its own. I am feeling a little bit like a ticking time bomb and I am praying it just goes away on its own. 
Right now I am really uncomfortable I still wake up 3-4 times in the night and I am missing working like its my job. 
I'm trying to wrap my head around the whole ordeal and trying to get back to normal I have to say it seems like the emotional stress of it all takes longer to overcome than the physical aspect of it all. My greatest fear is that I will day no longer to be able to cheer myself up and I'll end up being one of those grumpy, bitter people that you hate to be around. As of right now between my wonderful friends and family I always manage to bring myself around I just wonder sometimes how many times I can get knocked down and still get up with a smile on my face?


  1. You are so amazing hun! You are so strong and I know you will make i through this hurtle :) I don't blame you for feeling so drained and discouraged. I am praying everything works out for the absolute best and that you bounce back better then ever *hugs*

  2. Hello my gorgeous girl! thank you so much for writing I really appreciate it! xoxoxo I pray you are well thank you for your kind words!